How Many #demeterdresses Are Too Many?

So, I’m pretty sure all of my blogs are slowly turning into primarily dresses and it’s fine. I’m fine. I rediscovered my love for them in 2020 and it’s been so fun. I think it could also be that I actually started buying enough fabric when I would find something. My minimum is 1.5-2 yards when previously I would only buy a yard. LOL. As you start sewing for a longer period of time, you learn little things along the way. Like simply buying enough fabric when you don’t already have a project picked out for it. 

Something else I have realized this year, since I feel like I’ve been discovering my sewing self, I make better things when I use better fabrics. In my hometown I have easy access to cheap fabric. Like dead stock/fabric remnants for $2 a yard. But this year I challenged myself to not purchase any fabric for the first 6 months. Being in quarantine has helped me stick to that. 😅 And all the fabrics that I have are from Christmas, so they are more expensive fabrics that I would not normally purchase for myself. AKA – I can’t mess up what I make with these fabrics! 

With the cheaper fabrics I would just make things super fast and not necessarily care about the construction or the insides. And I could literally punch myself now for this ATROCIOUS habit, but it was so easy for me to just *gulps really hard* throw it in the trash when it was turning out right. I was only losing like $4 and I didn’t value it as I should have. Even in a sustainable point of view, that has changed for me drastically this year. 

Now that I have ranted for eeevvvverrrr, here is what I made with sustainability and more effort in mind. I have always been obsessed with Anna Allen patterns. Her vibe is literally everything to me. Her construction is always phenomenal and the instructions are SO easy to follow. If you need something easy to wear and easy to make that will really refresh your sewing pallet, then I highly recommend this pattern. P.S. I’ve made three dresses and 3 blouses from this pattern. 🙈

This first one the fabric actually came from a thrift store and it’s some sort of super soft flannel maybe? But it still breaths amazingly for the summer time and this retro floral print is giving me LIIIIFEE. It’s pretty much everything I’ve ever wanted. I made the sleeveless version.

This second one is going to be on repeat. It’s a beautiful stripey neutral linen blend from I saw something like this last summer and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. It’s the perfect amount of flowy and structure. The easiest dress to wear by far. And who doesn’t love playing with stripes!

For this second one I didn’t want to disrupt the stripes on the bodice, so I actually left the darts out and tapered it in underneath the arm. I don’t feel like I had any issues with the fit doing this. I also made the size 2 and had to shorten the bodice by about 2 inches because I’m shooooort. 😊


Thank you so much if you made it this far! Much love to you! I’m so grateful to have along my sewing journey. 💕


Courtney Jean Shaw

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