Dayo Blouse | Pattern Review | Short Girl Adjustments

Another day another pattern test! I’m still just blown away with how much my sewing has improved already in 2020 and how I’ve been able to be a part of others people’s dreams. It’s so rewarding. 

I’m not sure if you’re following Sewing Masin on Instagram, but she is a MUST. Her esthetic is so inspiring, feminine, soft, and timelessly beautiful. I applied to pattern test for her, honestly not thinking I would be a part, and had a little happy dance when I was invited to be a part of the process. I say this every time, pattern testing is not just about a free pattern. It’s believing enough in someone to invest your free time and resources in their dream. 💕

I love the small details of this pattern that give it a distinct silhouette. I was a little nervous at first making this cut of blouse because it is very out of my comfort zone. I don’t know if anyone else out there is short waisted like I am, but I usually stay away from defined waists because it doesn’t usually help with the length of my torso. It usually just makes me look short and square. 

Now that I’m making my own clothes I can branch out and try to adjust those to my body and not the other way around. Which is why we all love sewing!! I do have a few tips for those short waisted girls that attempt this pattern and the fit adjustments I made. 

Obviously my favorite detail that really makes this pattern stand out is the shirring. I’ve never seen this detail used like this and I think it really is beautiful genius. It’s so much softer in look and feel than elastic.

  1. I ended up needing to cut 2 inches off the bottom of the top portion of the bodice. This ended up making the overall length very short on my first version.
  2. Which leads to my second point. On this final version I added those two inches to the bottom hem of the skirt portion on the blouse. 
  3. In the test version when I tried on the bodice, I realized I needed to take about ¼ inch out of the back center seam. I believe this was because I needed more room in the front bust area than the back. And being short waisted created a little more gaping in the back so I needed to reduce that. 

And then these are a few cosmetic things that I did differently purely based on preference. 

  1. It is a lot easier to trace the shirring lines on BEFORE you attach anything. 
  2. I made sure to steam my shirring so that it would shrink and make it really clean. 
  3. I absolutely hate bias binding. I really suck at it, so I opted for a facing and I really like how much cleaner it ended up looking.
  4. I also added a little fabric loop and button to close that back instead of a hook and eye. 
  5. I also played with the stripes on the sleeves and the bodice. I’m pretty in love with the results. 💕

I’m dreaming of quite a few different versions. Like a sleeves version for summer would be SO cute. I’m even thinking of making the long sleeve version without the waist elastic and leaving it cropped and boxy. Or maybe a babydoll version? So. Many. Options. The possibilities are really endless with how timeless this blouse is. 

I highly recommend this pattern and I hope you enjoy it too! Tag me if you’re short waisted and had to make any similar adjustments!! 😊


Courtney Jean Shaw

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