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PEOPLE, PEOPLE, PEOPLE. There is no holding back my excitement for this pattern I’m about to share with you!! As I have said many times before, Friday Pattern Company is absolutely one of my favorite indie designers out there. My first ever indie pattern was from this company and that’s probably another reason it holds a special place in my heart. 

I’m pretty close to having just about all the patterns in her collection. The one I’ve had my eye on the most is the Adriane Blouse. The only reason I haven’t made it yet is because I don’t really enjoy knit fabrics. I love the design and everything about it, but I don’t really wear knits. I wear 90% woven fabrics. SO, when Chelsea (owner and designer at FPC) reached out to me to be a part of her testing group and that she was coming out with a woven design of the Adriane Blouse called the Adrianna Dress, I lost my freaking mind. Like I was running around our apartment just rambling to my husband how amazing the opportunity was. AND THIS DRESS WAS EVERYTHING I WAS LOOKING FOR AND MORE. 

This was my test version and I could not be more in love with it. As I was making this pattern I was blown away by how effortlessly it came together. At one point I literally said out loud “this is genius!” It’s very beginner friendly and honestly comes together in just a couple of hours. It looks like a design that requires a lot of techniques, but it’s honestly very simple in the best kind of way. That’s why I think it’s so genius! I don’t even understand how Chelsea came up with the construction of this pattern. I totally understand all of the hype now.


I’ve always want to be a part of pattern testing before and this is actually my first time. I thought it would be so cool, but then once I actually received the pattern I felt the weight of trust that was give to me. The whole process was very rewarding and being a creative myself makes it feel like a genuine honor to be a part of someone else’s creative process. However, it’s more than just about getting a free pattern or more IG followers. This person has given you a piece of their dream and are entrusting you with it. Their trusting you to take it seriously, to keep it a secret, to put in some work, and really utilize your skill and give back kind and constructive critiques in a timely manner. It’s hard to give a piece of your heart for someone to judge. It requires a lot of trust. So, I’m MORE than happy to supply commitment, time, and resources for a company I believe in so much. I love female entrepreneurship and Chelsea’s heart. I love that she values giving back and she’s verrrrry generous through the whole testing process. 

Moving back to the pattern now…I can’t wait to make many more of these! I have a very cool sleeve hack idea in my head that I can’t wait to flesh out and share with you. This particular version I had to make more of a tunic length because of fabric limits and I’m still trying to decide if I should shorten it even more to a blouse length. If you have any thoughts on that, let me know. I’d love to hear!

But honestly the pairing of this print with these sleeves is so dramatic that I can barely stand it. I tried to channel my inner Chelsea by pairing it with some sneakers. But it would be so cute with some heeled booties too! 

I highly recommend this pattern to anyone. It’s a super easy statement piece that will really make your wardrobe stand out. I think it will also give you confidence in your sewing ability and style to achieve something as badass as this! To start your own I linked the pattern and fabric I used below. I will note that the fabric is a lot more yellow than it is brown. So don’t let the description deceive you. I almost returned it, but after a few weeks decided I loved it. It was just different than what I originally expect. But it is very soft, drapey, and dreamy. 😊




Courtney Jean Shaw 💕

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