9 Time Saving Tips To Speed Up Your Sewing

Happy Sunday, my friends! I just really love the weekends. Ever since I decided to take things a little slower this year with my sewing, I’ve really been able to relax and enjoy the process. During these moments I’ve been focusing on being intentional with my time because I’m spending less of it sewing, but getting more done in the few moments that I have.

This post is a little different than my other ones because I usually just write pattern reviews or hacks. This time around I’ve written about a few little things I’ve learned. I’m no expert BUT these really small things have greatly impacted my sewing productivity. They’ve also helped keep my sanity while sewing and not get frustrated at myself. And for the more difficult projects it’s kept me going so I’m not having to stop as frequently which is where I tend to become unmotivated or distracted by something else. Obviously, I don’t think you need to go out and buy some of these tools, but I’ve found just having a few extra are really nice. 🙂

So this my new checklist before I start sewing:

  1. Fill up 2-3 bobbins with the correct color thread. This helps limit frustration when I have to stop and fill a new bobbin. Maybe I’m the only one that HATES filling a bobbin, but it’s my least favorite part. 
  2. Make sure to thread my serger BEFORE I start sew anything! Having to stop to do something I hate, really makes me lose my motivation and start scrolling IG instead.
  3. Lay out all my pattern pieces in order so I’m not searching for them.
  4. Get together any additional items like buttons or elastic, etc.
  5. Make sure my iron is filled with water and ON before I start sewing. 
  6. I make sure to have my little thread scissors on my ironing board AND sewing table. 🙂
  7. I also have a seam ripper on my sewing table and floor – LOL!
  8. I like to have 3 sets of scissors that are easy to reach so I’m not losing them by moving them all the time. I like them on my ironing board, floor (I work mainly on my floor), and sewing table. 🙂
  9. This is probably the biggest one. I have TWO pin cushions. I ALWAYS forget to move it when I go from one station to the other and then I’m usually stuck where I’m at and I can’t move, then my needles fall on the floor and I step on them later and say a lot of profanities and risk getting blood everywhere. Not pretty. Easy fix is just having two. 🙂

These don’t seem like mind-blowing tips. But like I said, these are little ways to keep things moving when your sewing. It’s surprising how much more clear you head feels when you know everything is just ready to go without stopping.

I wanted to include a few more tips when it comes to the actual sewing that I have been implementing. I know most are common sense but these are things that are kind of easy to skip, but I’ve found they have seriously help my pieces go to the next level or be easier to complete faster.

  1. MAKE SURE TO CUT THREADS AS I GO. This has helped me when I get to the finished product and it feeling done right away. 
  2. Press those seams. I had no idea how much I was really missing, but it makes my clothes look much more professional.
  3. I know I’m not alone on this, but hemming is my least favorite part. If I’m able to, I like to do this as one of my first steps. It usually only works if it has a bottom panel of some kind. I have my most momentum at the beginning of a project, so I’ve found I don’t mind hemming as much at that time.  Whenever I get to the end of a project I usually feel like I have to “push through” on the hemming. But now I’m usually a lot more happy with my piece when hemming is not the last thing I have to do. 
  4. The biggest thing is not forcing myself to try and finish an entire garment in one sitting!! Step away from it and be satisfied with what you’ve accomplished so far. 

I hope some of these items are valuable to you and can maybe help you when starting new projects. Remember, each piece comes together one step at a time. You can do this and I believe in you!!! Enjoy the creative process and learn as you go. 🙂


Courtney Jean Shaw

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