2020 Sewing Priorities

Welcome to a brand new decade! I’m so excited for this coming year. 2019 was honestly really hard for me. I had so many life changes and challenges to overcome. A lot of my sewing plans got pushed to the back burner of my life and when I did try to sew, it was super simple easy projects. Which has made me realize some goals I want to have for myself in 2020.

Staaaaarrrtttting with my first make of the decade! Ayyyeee! It’s my absolute favorite button up pattern. It’s MaCalls 7976. I realized that collars really piss me off. And it’s not even the making of a collar, they drive me nuts to wear! That is why I love this pattern, because it’s a collarless button up. In 2020 I’m not going to make things just for the sake of making. I will be making pieces from patterns that I enjoy making and can find unique ways to make them my own.

This make is seriously all in the fabric choice, though. I got a gift card to Joann’s for Christmas and I have been wanting this fabric for a long time (thanks parents). Last year I was obsessed with making “capsule” pieces that I could mix and match and basically all neutrals. I’m discovering that I don’t actually love this about my closet. I have become really bored with everything I’ve made. So bring on this fun print! My focus will be to make things that are a little more like statement pieces. I will be moving away from making things because they match and just start making things I love.

My goal is to also think outside the box with pattern hacks, print mixing, and details that make it special. I obviously hacked this top to have a gathered ruffle on the bottom because that’s my favorite thing to add to anything! LOL. But another recent make I played with the directions of the stripes and even that was thinking out of the box for me. And doing a button that pops and doesn’t match a color in the blouse! I love how these buttons give off a cool retro vibe.

I guess this is where I’ll list out my sewing priorities for 2020.

  1. Don’t even think about buying fabric until June! I received a lot for Christmas that I want to work on. 
  2. Enjoy the process. I was making stuff quickly last year just to make things and it exhausted me. I was more concerned with quantity than anything else. This year I’m going to be taking “nights off” from sewing. I will also be enjoying the journey of the make and taking time to make it look more professional. For example, actually pressing seams or using French seams when possible! 
  3. I’ve been asked to be a part of some pattern testing this year, so I’m really working on expanding my technique so I can help with those on a greater capacity. 
  4. Make statement pieces because I will honestly wear those more than basics. 
  5. Play with prints. I want to work on mixing them and also playing with print directions to create really unique pieces.
  6. Make stuff that inspires me to be creative. I want to take the time to intentionally plan out how to use the fabric I have. Making sure it’s something I will really wear and love instead of just loving the idea of something that isn’t realistic for me. 

So that is kind of my intentions for 2020. I’m always so grateful for every person that joins me in the journey. It means the world to me. Here’s to having fun in 2020! 



Courtney Jean Shaw

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