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Do you know what I find so hard about writing sewing blogs sometimes? Do I small talk with you first or dive right into the details? Well, to be honest today I don’t really feel like small talk or have exciting things to share. So I’m just gonna dive right into the details of all my blouse hacks. 🙂

The Roscoe Blouse is one of my favorite patterns. I think I’ve used it to make at least 8 versions. I’ve made two dresses (and I’m planning a 3 third with multiple tiers) and 6 blouses. I feel like they are all different enough to seem like a new pattern each time. My last two hacks are pretty simple and straightforward. 

Hack One: Button Up

This is by far the trickiest and I hope I do justice explaining it. Feel free to email or DM me on Instagram if you have any questions.

I cut out the pattern as is, however, I cut the front piece into two pieces instead of on the fold. 

Then I cut two strips of fabric and interfacing that were 3inches wide and the length of the blouse. Attach the interfacing to both strips of fabric. 

Then I attached one side like a facing (this is the button side) and one side like a normal button placket (this is the buttonhole side). I don’t feel like anything about this is is totally correct, but it worked for me. Closet Case Patterns has a really awesome step-by-step tutorial on how to attach a button placket for their Kalle Shirtdress. 

Then I just attached the neckband like normal according to the pattern along with the neck gathers. 

Hack Two: Knit T-Shirt

I’ve been so inspired by all the voluminous sleeves that are on trend right now and  that is how this came about. I was at my Walmart a few months ago and they had so much knit fabric on sale that I came home dreaming of all the cozy things I could make. This hack came about by wanting the Adrianne by Friday Pattern Company but not wanting it to be fitted. 

First I cut the front piece out. I hope this picture makes sense, but I wanted the same, or more, volume on the bottom, but needed some width out of the neckline because I only wanted gathers on the shoulder portion. So I took about 3 inches out but slanting the neckline to 1.5 inches over the fold line. And then I evened out the hemline. 

For the back I cut it out exactly the same except it was only 1inch over the fold line.

Then the only part I gathered were the shoulder pieces (which I did not do very well). 

I did not write down how long I made the neck binding, but I did measure the length of the neckline and then subtracted 2inches. 

I also made an elastic casing for the sleeves instead of a band.

Hack Three: Peplum Blouse

This one is pretty self explanatory. I measured where I would like the bodice to end from the shoulder, which was 16inches, and then shortened the dress ruffle by 2inches. I finished the rest of it according to the instructions.

I would try the bodice on to make sure you don’t want to shorten it the first time around. I personally prefer to attach the gathered panel in two sections. I like to sew them to the front and back first and then sew the whole shirt up the side. To me this is easier than trying to get all the gathers even. 🙂

Hack Four: Easy Bell Sleeve

This one is the most simple of all the hacks! I cut the sleeves out as-is, I just didn’t add the band. I also left off the neck ties and raised the V on the neckline about ½ an inch. You could seriously sew this up in under an hour with these slight adjustments. 

And hopefully that’s enough info to help you get started! I would love to see your makes if you hacked any of them like me. So please tag me on IG!! 🙂

Here is the link to the pattern: 


Courtney Jean Shaw

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