The Skirt Of My Dreams

Sometimes you create really beautiful pieces that become everything you’ve ever dreamed of in your head and then sometimes you fail. Hard. I feel like I had been in a rut of fails. I had kind of lost my sew-jo over the holidays because the things I was making were just not turning out. I had made at least 3-4 projects that hit the scrap bin because of frustration or trying to make fabric/pattern combos work that were obviously not meant to be. This skirt was in my Fall & Winter sewing plans and had been finished for a few weeks but was left without the buttons. (Because honestly, I absolutely hate attaching buttons.) After I FINALLY hammered on all those snaps, I got my sew-jo back. I forgot how easy of a make this was and it was better than I envisioned. 

PSA: I realize these are possibly the worst photos you’ve ever seen. The weather has been nothing but rain & clouds for DAAAYYYS. I’m still learning this photo thing, so I apologize ahead of time.



I had originally intended for this skirt to be a completely different pattern but  I decided to go with the Rosari Skirt by Pauline Alice. LET ME TELL YOU, this pattern company is breathtaking. Stop whatever you plans you have right now and make one of her designs. I’m not even entirely sure how I stumbled upon this company, obviously through IG somehow, but now I have a long list of “to-makes” from her. The designs are beautiful, elegant, femininity at its finest, and so well-drafted. I absolutely promise you that you will not be disappointed.



The instructions were so well written that it made me fall in love with the process all over again. If we are going to be honest over here, the process can be frustrating, discouraging, maybe a little confusing, or slow. But the instructions were so easy to follow that everything made sense as you were going. I was never left thinking, “how is this going to work?” Please tell me I’m not the one out there that has that has thought while sewing? (burrito method, anyone?) HA. But this pattern was truly beautiful and made me enjoy taking my time to really love and work out the details.



  • I made this out of stretch corduroy from Joanns and was able to make it out of 1 yard of fabric with very minimal amount of tetris. Click here to for the fabric.
  • I made a straight size 44 and the waist is probably about an inch too big so it sits more on my hips. I plan on sizing down the waist to 40 so that it can sit at my natural waist for a more “high-waisted” look. (The next one will be in denim with front pockets! I’m so excited.) I like the room in my hips, so I will grade that area and down back to a 44.
  • I made view A with the length of C and added about 3 inches. I wanted to be able to wear this to work. 🙂
  • My waist measurement is 34” and my hips measurement is 42.5”
  • I used heavy duty snaps instead of jean buttons and I had to add an extra one due to adding length.





I hope this inspires you to make the skirt of your dreams!!




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