Summer Dress: Wilder Gown

In case you haven’t notice on my IG lately, I’ve kind of been on a dress kick. I somehow forgot how much I adored them, but have recently rekindled my love for them! I’m going to be doing a summer dress series here with some reviews, tutorials, and hacks of all my recent favorites. Making all these dresses has made me realize summer it my favorite season and I don’t want it to end! Everyone has started talking about their fall makes, but I feel like I just started my summer ones!!! Anyone else feel that way??


I’m excited to reveal my favorite new dress pattern that can also be easily made into a dress for fall, and I’m loving that idea. The newest pattern by Friday Pattern Company the Wilder Gown comes with SO MANY pattern variations! The possibilities are truly endless. I’ve made three so far and this dress version is my faaaave! 



Friday has a very special place in my heart because the Sunny Dress was the first indie pattern I ever bought. I didn’t even know indie pattern companies existed and then I dove head first into all the indie pattern buying!! I have always appreciated the designs of Friday and her instructions are what helped me so much as a beginner. I believe so much in her brand and everything she stands for! I’m also always inspired by her creativity and ability to make THEE most beautiful patterns. 


Okay, back to the dress! It was a super quick sew for how detailed it looks. I spent a total of 2 hours from cutting to hem. The design is genius, the instructions are genius, and you are missing out if you don’t try making this dress! To get the exact length and look of mine, I used the suggested width of the skirt panels for a size small, The middle panel is 10 ½ inches long and the bottom panel is 13 ½ inches long. I was kind of winging it on the length and it was kind of an accident that they were different lengths, but then I realized I loved that small detail. 🙂




The neck detail is one of my favorites. I love the pussy bow look and have never actually tried it before and I’m sad I had been missing out for so long. But it’s also so cute just left undone and more relaxed. 





The fabric is some sort of mystery rayon. My husband and I went to Kansas City a couple weekends ago, so I obviously had to google fabric stores. I found this really cool shop called Fabric Recycles where you can sell or trade items from your stash! It was so stinking cool! There was 3 ½ yards of this beauty and I have about 1 ½ yards left to make something special for a visiting friends! I wish my hometown had something like that store. You could just feel there were stories behind each roll of fabric. 



I highly recommend this pattern! Even for adventurous beginners. I promise you won’t regret it! 



Courtney Jean

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