Summer Dress: Simplicity Hack 10172

It’s week two of this dress series y’all! I have recently fallen back in love with wearing dresses. For a solid 2 years it was very rare if you caught me in one. I was going through some serious self-consciousness and felt like dresses would bring too much attention to myself. I hated the way my knees looked (but who doesn’t?) and just saw myself as so much bigger than I was. 


But I went through a lot of transition in my life this year and started working on some good old fashioned self-care. Some of the self care consisted of spending more time with my Savior Jesus, taking steps to make my dream of being a wedding coordinator come true, getting healthier, and accepting the person who Christ made me to be and loving the way He created me. All of these things seem small, but have brought SO MUCH more confidence into my life.  And not just a confidence in the way I look, but a confidence of who I am as a person and the journey I am on. SO LET THE DRESS MAKING COMMENCE!




My new career path has allowed me to start playing with styles that I like. I think before I was easily sucked into the status quo and didn’t really enjoy the things I was making and most of them I’ve already thrown out. It’s been kind of fun to discover my new style based off of what I like and not how many people compliment me on what I’m wearing. Because I’m basically working by myself now. I’ve found that I have seriously missed wearing dresses and more feminine pieces in general. My last environment was very street-wear, which I do think is super cute! However, it’s just not really me. I think I fall more into the Free People and Anthropology type of style. Something a little softer. 


I have a dress in my closet from Target  that I have always loved. I wear it about once a week! I’ve always wanted to try and recreate it, but it seemed a little difficult and I was struggling to find a pattern like it. I could easily hack something, but I was needing a pattern with a halter neckline, and I just wasn’t find anything. (of course, now that I have made this dress twice, I found at least two indie patterns with the exact style…no hacking necessary…) I was at Joann’s for their pattern sale and I freaking found a neckline like I was looking for from one of the new Simplicity patterns. It’s pattern R10172! It’s an asymmetrical midi length dress, so I hacked it just a little to get the look I was going for. And I hack each one a little different. 🙂 




The blue stripey dress I made first and I would have probably liked the bodice to be a little shorter, so I made that adjustment for the pink one. For the striped dress I cut the bodice straight across at the waistline mark. I sewed the pockets on BEFORE I added the skirt to the bodice. I placed mine 5 inches down from the top and 11 inches from the side so that they were evenly distributed. The key to keeping the pockets and the gathers even, is by marking the middle of your skirt panel and lining it up with the middle of the bodice. The fabric was a specialty cotton from Joann’s and I used 2 yards and ⅓ because the fabric was only 40 inches wide . I didn’t look at the full fiber content…but it’s so drapey that I’m assuming there is some rayon in there. 


Here is a real life picture of how my cat is always on top of my projects.


SIDE NOTE: I love gathered anything and almost all of garments have it. I find it easier to gather each skirt panel individually and attach it to the bodice first and then sew up the sides. It helps me to easier distribute the gathers, it’s less frustrating to line up, and less overwhelming than gathering a huge circle at one time. 🙂 


This floral dress!! I love the beachy vibes that it gives! The print is perfect. It’s from the Spring Garden Collection at Joann’s. I recommend using a rayon blend verses the double gauze because it has a little more weight so it drapes nicer. However, the double gauze is a lighter and more breathable for summer. The great thing about sewing is that you can decide which detail is more important to you!! I really like the bodice length on this one more and I cut it straight across at the arrow markings under the bust dart. This fabric was 52 inches wide, so I only needed 1 and 1/2 yards. I forgot to buy elastic for both of these, so I just made a little loop with the same fabric for the buttonhole, which I honestly like SO much better. 






The neckline on this dress is what really makes it what I wanted. I think a halter style neckline is most flattering on me since I have wide shoulders. It also gives it a little bit of a 90’s vibe which I dig.




I hope you find what makes you happy to sew like this makes me happy to sew! 🙂


Much Love, 

Courtney Jean

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