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Hello my wonderful friends of the sewing community! Long time and no chat! It’s been a crazy whirlwind of a couple months for me. There has been many news things in my life that have changed. Some of the adjustments have been difficult, but it’s been very needed and really good. I think with every new adventure, the incline of the mountain can take some adjusting to. It’s really hard, maybe it winds you a little a bit, and your calves start burning, but eventually you adjust and start making some ground. There’s where I’m at. I started a brand job, started working on my own wedding planning business, and all the other little things in between. I thought I wanted to make patterns and sell them – then I realized I don’t have patience for the drafting process. I wanted to start selling clothes on Etsy, but then realized I was losing all my free time.  SO. I’ve taken a few months off from sewing to adjust to my new life, and I’m back!! And I’m back with a few thoughts from my first make after taking a break.


The internet, instagram, and blogging is all such a strange thing. I’m not sure if there is anyone else out there like me, but I love goals. I love accomplishing things. I love making a check-list. And I love looking like I’m the best (even though I know I’m not, lol). I’ve been reading a lot about the enneagram personality test the past couple months and this kind of displays the best and worst parts of me. If you were wondering, I am 3 with a wing of 4. I realize that my need to always have my makes look perfect has caused a little bit of dishonesty and I want to formally apologize for that. However, I think we are all allowed to grow and learn. And trust me, I’ve learned a whole lot in the past few months about myself and even the value of sewing in my life.


This is a skirt I made and obviously I wanted it to turn out perfectly.

I wanted everyone to think it was perfect, too. So I started taking photos of the skirt to hide all the little imperfections that actually made it pretty unwearable. But after taking all the pictures, I realized that I was never going to wear this ever again in real life. It has way too many flaws and some of them I don’t even know the reason for. I realized as I was making this project I was hustling through it because I hadn’t posted anything on the good ole IG in a while and needed something fresh. Because of this rush, some things were sloppy and I wasn’t paying attention. I really wanted to like this skirt, but it’s just so impractical and poorly made. Granted, some things where out of my control and I should have just accepted that and tried to go a different direction rather than plowing through hoping for an outcome I knew wouldn’t happen. (Another life lesson anyone?) 

Like, it’s okay to fail. And it’s okay to accept failure, as long as it doesn’t keep you from moving forward. Sometimes failure happens to redirect you down the path that you’re really suppose to be on. It’s really only true failure when you let it overcome you and control your life. 


Here are the pictures of said failures, lol. 

1.) Super wavey/curled hem that would NOT stay down.


2.) I added like 6 snaps because the skirt wouldn’t stay closed! It revealed almost my entire leg. For some reason the front panel was too short when I sewed it on, so it didn’t overlap.

3.) The belt was also about 10 inches too short… And I didn’t have anymore fabric and did not want to take length off because it would have been too short.

(And maybe these are all really easy fixes to someone else, but I think it’s one of the projects I might just move on from. Or suck it up and wear the dang skirt because I made.)

When I was finished trying to snap some pics, I realized that I needed to re-calibrate, so to speak, my sewing priorities and why I sew in the first place.


I sew for me because I really love it.

I sew because it’s fun.

I sew because I feel like God has given me the gift of creativity and this is a way that I express it.

I sew because it helps clear my head and allows me to think and talk with God.

I feel deeply connected to my Savior whenever I sew because I honor Him with my talents.

I sew because I love problem solving and sometimes it involves a lot of that.

I sew for me.

I sew to make clothes that actually fit me.

If I learn anything I want to be able to help others from my experiences.


There’s so much pressure from the world around us to seem like we have it all together and that we know what we are doing. But please hear me when I say: It’s so freeing to shed that weight and just be able to enjoy creating again. I know that everyone struggles with this at some point in time or another. I think some of the most helpful things you can do for yourself is to take a break, write down why you sew in the first place, be honest about your sewing fails, and sew something for yourself without sharing on social media for at least 3-4 months. And remember that it’s always okay to admit these things. That you’re not alone. You’re not a failure because you were trying to look perfect or happened to have a sewing fail. WE ALL DO THIS. But I think it’s so important to remember that our value is not in how many likes on IG we have or if someone reshares what we made. Our value is in the joy that we get from creating, as it always should be.


You are genius. You are beautiful. And I believe in you. Now let’s go sew our hearts out!



Courtney Jean

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