Hello, sweet soul who is taking the time to read this! I really appreciate you following along on my sewing journey and learning with me.

I have been sewing since late 2015 and started out with pillows and items that my apartment was needing and then it became so much more than that. I married my incredible husband in July of 2016! We met at bible college and he’s been my greatest friend since then.

I think we might have just passed through our first year of marriage and my work became very stressful. It was all I could talk and think about which became very toxic to our marriage. I was always running on empty and I believe God specifically put sewing in my life to save my sanity. It was the biggest stress reliever and brought back all the creativity in my life. It was very healing for me.

Now sewing has become an act of worship in my life. It’s a gift and a talent that I use to reflect how Christ created me. It also gives me special moments away from the business of life to reflect on and talk to God. I’m so thankful that I get to be a part of this community and that He led me here.

When I’m not sewing you will find me creating design boards for weddings. Why? Because I’m a wedding coordinator and it’s the BEST job ever. (P.s. this was not the stressful job, lol.) I’m living in Springfield, MO with a cute little kitter who talks all the time. And hope to someday move to Colorado. Because I’m a mountain girl.


Courtney Shaw